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Our Barn:

125 Years in the Making

Driftless Barn Inn is housed in a 125 year old barn.  In the past, the barn has been used for agriculture and livestock.  In 1997 Dan & Signe Buege opened Our Tara Nursery &  Garden Center and later Tara Erosion Control,  using the barn for retail and office space.

A decade later they opened Our Tara Inn. Leaving many of the beams exposed, they created a space that hints at the barn's rustic beginnings. Dan and Signe both passed away in 2020, leaving their daughter Kari and her husband Ryan to take up their legacy.


What our visitors are saying

Kari’s place was perfect for our last minute trip to Iowa! We had 3 adults and 3 small kids and there was plenty of space for all of us. The beds were very comfortable, everything was extremely clean, and the check-in process could not have been any easier!


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